Imagine if we let other’s opinions rule us? I remember in high school a counselor called me in because according to her I didn’t leave much to be desired academically & her opinion was that I should drop out. I was not an unruly hooligan nor did a halo hang above my head. Regardless her view did not sway me. Not only did I go on to graduate but with art honors. The hypocrisy still provided a valuable healthy lesson; I cannot control other’s actions/opinions however I can choose the energy I put towards them.

I view energy as a personal investment to be distributed every day. I find it an absolute waste to feed into people & scenarios that try to pull me down. Instead I use that same energy towards the things I want to improve while letting the Debbie downers fade into the background. We all have had encounters with the type, absorbed with competing with everyone they are rarely genuinely happy for others. It’s unfortunate to know they are struggling but it falls in their hands to make a change.

I’ve gathered that good things happen when I keep moving forward & spend my energy wisely. If you catch yourself spinning your wheels on others irrelevant views change directions & tune into your own beliefs. Use your energy to be active, not brewing on other’s hostility; walk, run or my personal favorite throw around some iron.

It’s up to you to create & pursue a divine passion for your own well-being. What are you focusing your energy on? Feel free to share…


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