Work Out Partners

For years I exercised by myself & for reasons that were downright ill: 1. my view on workout partners 2. I didn’t think I had anybody to workout with.

I remember my husband asking me if I want to train together but it didn’t appeal to me. I thought a partner would slow me down (false). I didn’t want to duplicate a man’s workout (delusional). I knew how to workout I didn’t need him to give me constructive lifting tips (ego fail).

What changed? Me. I started training for competitions. I knew it was time for a revamp in my routines meaning a change in my thinking. I had read & heard repeatedly about the benefits to training with a partner. It was time to dig in & see if the hype was legit.

Mind blown, that sums up the experience I’ve had since I started working out with a good partner(s). Within less than a month of working out with my husband I had dramatic results. I was able to do forced reps, my lifting form was being kept in check & at the end of each session my muscles were cashed. Not to mention it was time spent together, no phones, no internet, just us & our plan to attack the weight room.

It wasn’t long before a buddy that was training for a competition joined us as well. The three of us became well-oiled machines cranking out iron bouncing different routine ideas off of each other. Then I got an opportunity to mix it up & partner with two powerhouse women that inspire me to push hard. I discovered walking post leg workout with them is usually a luxury rarely granted. If you don’t lift weights this probably sounds terrible however it’s quite the contrary, it is awesome.

I’ve gained so much from working out with others. Because of schedules at times I still workout alone however partnering up has spoiled me. Here’s what I’ve learned since wising up to work out partners:

• More heads with different ideas helps keep the body guessing
• Can go heavier with a good spot
• Chance of injury is decreased with another set of eyes catching a slipping form
• Build off each other’s intensity
• I can get called out if I don’t push hard enough (thank you Joey & Jan for this one!)

I jump at the chance to meet up with friends to work towards a common goal & that being said I’m off to quaderrorize my legs with a great crew!

2 thoughts on “Work Out Partners

  1. I have a training partner and although I still have good workouts without him it’s just never the same when he’s not there! We learn from each other and push each other. Nice post!

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