PhotoGrid_1450923392303A humbling discovery best sums up last year.  I dove into new areas of my faith, explored multiple fitness genres, overhauled what I knew about nutrition & strived to examine myself to the very core.  Each discovery was made outside of my comfort zone but it’s true what they say, that’s where all the good stuff happens. 

The part of each discovery that stands out the most are the strong people who surrounded me.  Not necessarily strong as in a look or size rather strong in their character, the impact they have to naturally influence others towards progress.  There they were nudging, encouraging & challenging myself & those around them to step forward.  These people are made up of family, old friends, new friends & complete strangers, some of who I won’t ever see again.  I also believe these people have no idea the impact they make by simply being & giving their time. 

Truth be told if you are reading this you are one of them & I’m so very thankful.

It’s exciting to end the year feeling like no stone was left unturned while in good company & now to set out for the future.  My goal, keep discovering & do my best to pay forward the strength that was given to me.

As always thank you for letting me share.  Best wishes, my friends!




4 thoughts on “Recap

  1. That is great you are finding so much in the way of encouragement and drive. Do you find it easier to make goal charts or statements to see your progress or do you keep things in mind and just write a genre of what you are looking to achieve?

    • First, thanks for checking out the blog! I do write down my bigger goals & save them to my phone as well as in a notebook. Throughout the year I look to see where I am. It’s easy to get distracted & sometimes my goals shift. I keep some goals to myself but I do share the bulk of them with a friend. We sort of help each other think of ways to challenge ourselves. I also start each morning with a few devotionals, then journal 3 things I’m thankful for or that I think is awesome. I then finish with writing a daily goal. They are always one sentence & something completely doable such as “Give my all”, “Focus on the Good” , “Speak with kindness”. I may have gone overboard on my answer, lol. What have you find works for you?

      • Thank you for your reply. The journal idea is great and I am going to use that. Barnes and Nobles has great small journals that are easy for travel. Also I always have my tablet with me so perhaps I will use that instead.
        For me I need to have well plotted out goals that include yearly, monthly and weekly plans so I can map my progress. Usually I don’t achieve them but it at least keeps me motivated and getting closer. Also I fear setting the bar too low or too high. I know it is important to set goals at a reachable height but that is quite difficult for me to see what is in fact obtainable.
        I first had to sit down and decide, definitively, what was important to me and what was just nice to have in my life when it shows up. Very “professor and jar” theory-esc. When I had those narrowed down (and believe me that was tough enough) then I could make a growth chart of where I would like to see my self by December 2016.
        The process goes on from there, but that is a run down version of what I have to do, lol, to ensure I do anything.

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