Sending You Uplifting Vibes

Social media, take it or leave it.  My quest with it is to create a ripple effect that uplifts the vibrations of our lives & community.  It’s about sharing a practical message that encourages us to re-think change while inviting learning & growing.

I want to offer another way to connect with you, a daily text message. This isn’t algorithm generated content.  It’s me, a human sending you uplifting vibes.  These are my daily notes, quotes, or tips that align with Uplift Vibes’ vision.

Most of you know me personally, you know my heart.  I don’t have a hidden agenda, I want your overall wellness to be elevated.  I believe through sensible acts of mindfulness & supporting each other that we generate a positive wave of energy into our world.

As humans we have a tendency to take action from two buckets, inspiration or desperation.  Neither is right or wrong.  Whichever pail is in front of you I simply want you to know there is somebody supporting you & sending you Uplifting Vibes…

To subscribe to the daily text message:  Use the contact form below & I will give you my number.  Then text “Uplift Vibes” to my number.  It’s up to you if you want me to know who you are.  Sign up or opt out anytime.

PS, if social media is your jam Uplift Vibes shares the same daily message on IG, FB, & Pinterest.  Let’s connect!

Energy therapy is changing lives, it did mine.  Are you ready to explore options to unleash an improved way of living?  Sessions are helpful for addressing pain yet are also wonderful for self-care & self-awakening treatments.      Book an appointment with Uplift Vibes using SetMore


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