Learning To Trust Your Messages, Part I

Welcome to 2021.  Take a pause to reflect on 2020.  What lessons did you learn?  How are you choosing to apply what you learned into the present?  Every experience can be a tool towards our future, a love message from Spirit guiding us along, however it’s completely up to us on how we interpret it. 

Everyone is gifted with the natural ability to receive divine communication, however deciphering between ego and spirit or fear and love can appear blurry.  I write to share a few tools & experiences I’ve learned that help me translate my truth.  I hope this can help you see the messages you are given.  I envision you stepping into your knowing, taking a deep breath of gratitude as a smile sweeps across your face, you realize a divine offering was made just to you. 

I’m breaking this into 3 writings to allow you to practice recognizing before adding the next piece.  Let’s start with Ego or Spirit.

Ego or Spirit, what’s the difference? 

Ego is the sense of self-importance, the part of the mind that is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.  When ego is delivering the message it pushes you, it can feel like a dreaded force, it is habitually living in autopilot while holding tight for the need to control. It acts for the sake of obtaining a “gold star” and outside validation. Ego isn’t bad though, it holds a vital piece of info that can help you whittle to the truth.  

Often when ego has something to deliver it signals us in our physical body.  A random unprovoked physical pain that appears from nowhere. Other times it speaks through the feeling of anxiety.  This is your cue to examine what you’re doing.   Are you chasing what’s not true to your heart, are you letting life slide by and not making any changes?  It’s literally requesting that you check in with Spirit.

Spirit is the nonphysical part of us which is the seat of emotions and character, the soul, the true self.  Spirt pulls you forward.  You can’t quite explain it but it feels right, it feels as it’s part of the flow, it can feel like passion.  You find yourself unconsciously thinking of “it” and creative ways to allow “it” to be a reality. 

Spirit will give you notes everywhere.  In nature, certain animals may cross your path or a bloomed flower or foliage stands out to you.  Synchronicities repeat themselves, seeing the same group of numbers or a particular color that pops to you over and over again.  A dream may appear abstract yet has a glimmer of substance.  What’s incredibly exciting about Spirit is all you have to do is be open to receive.  Let the logical literal side of the brain be still, even if only for a brief moment.  Take it all in, meditate on it with creative curiosity.  Perhaps look up or reach out to a trusted source to translate the sign’s symbolism.  However, it will be you that has the final say in the significance of what’s been presented.  

As you go through the next few days observe how your body & mind feels.  Do so without judging or labeling those feelings.  They are neither good nor bad, they simply are feelings.  Rather let it be a guide to connecting to your true self, to Spirit.  Be open to receive.  If this all sounds farfetched that’s okay but if you’ve been in the same loop and nothing has changed what do you have to lose?  What if you allowed a mystic way to unveil a beautiful life experience?     

Next we’ll explore recognizing if we’re projecting fear or connecting love to the messages.  Then we’ll wrap it up with ways to to find connection.  I’m looking forward to letting Spirit guide the words and us all seeing our own unique messages from the divine.

Take care my friends, I believe in you. 


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