Learning To Trust Your Messages, Part II

How has observing Ego and Spirit been going?  Did it cultivate peace or a panic?  If you missed Part I I invite you to read it before going forward. 

Let’s move into the next piece, Ego & Spirit’s partners Fear and Love.  When we receive a message we have the capability to project fear or connect to love.

Fear is attached to Ego.  It can feel like being overwhelmed, panic, and chaos.  Anxiety surrounds the perceived message.

Fear is summoned from past experiences.  We go into the rolodex of memories, conscious or subconsciously, and pull from outcomes we’ve experienced, seen, or heard.  And because the Ego likes to control, we insert ways to manipulate the outcome even if it is against our true self’s benefit.  This makes fear a choice formed by conditioned habits or beliefs.

Projecting fear paralyzes life to the very coreIt attempts to trick you into believing you must evacuate whole-hearted living.  Fear cannot deliver the truth, only Spirit can do that.      

The truest essence of Spirit is love, a love that resides within and radiates around us.  Spirit’s love evokes a calm peace and reveals a confirming nod to guide you along your path.  Since Spirit pulls us, it grabs our attention to inspire us to take love-based action.  It’s the magic of life that allows us to be in alignment with higher power.      

Spirit’s love can and does warn us of danger (danger is real, fear is a choice).  However, it delivers the information in a relaxed fashion.  Being connected to Love you can process the situation for what it is and move towards a solution free from panic.  It is simply communication to move with.

So think back, how often have you received a strong love message from Spirit.  Were you too hesitant to move?  That’s okay, we are humans.  This experience calls for a lot of self-grace & openness to learn.  Most of us don’t walk around taking every chance given to us.  The question is how many chances are you willing to let slip away because you believed fear instead of love?     

Sharing my written thoughts, beliefs, and experiences has always been an area I have to lean on Spirit’s Love for.  Hitting the post button doesn’t come easily.  I know it’s Ego if I concern myself with how it’s perceived, so today I choose to listen to the whispers from Spirit, reminding me to be 100% me.  I’m here to love and to live whole-heartedly.  So I say to you as I say to myself, when we connect to Spirit’s love we embrace who we are.  And what better gift to yourself than to be true to yourself. 

With love, 


Thank you for reading my friends.  Coming up we will navigate paths to open ourselves to divine connection.  

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