What is Uplift Energy?

Uplift Energy is a blend of following intuition while using the core techniques learned from my Healing Touch training (Healing Beyond Borders), a 2-year mentorship program under a Master Energy Healer, my Bachelors in Metaphysical Science (University of Sedona), as well as multiple continuing education classes (see home page for all certifications). Energy work is a beneficial healing modality for health and wellness. It is based on energetic principles and is practiced in many hospitals, medical settings, and in private practice all around the world.

How long is a session?

Generally plan to spend 60 minutes together. We’ll begin by assessing & setting the session’s intention.  You will receive 35 minutes of energy work.  There will be a post session consultation to exchange information.   

Will I be lying down on a massage table or sitting?

A session is usually performed fully reclined comfortably on a massage table. It also may be performed semi-reclined on a massage chair. If you have mobility or pain issues please communicate these so that I may make you your most comfortable for the session.

Am I clothed during my Uplift Energy session?

Yes. Unlike a massage therapy session, you will be fully clothed. You will want to wear comfortable clothing.  Shoes will be removed however socks are optional. 

Will hands touch me in any way?

Yes.  A light gentle pressure static touch or my hands may be a few inches/centimeters above your body at the hand positions with no actual touch. There are standard hand placements from your head to your feet, avoiding all sensitive body parts.

Is a session for an acute condition or a chronic condition?

If you have an acute condition please seek out a licensed medical professional immediately. If you have a chronic or current issue, Uplift Energy can be an excellent complement in your health or wellness plan.

What will I feel during the session?

Most clients feel a sense of relaxation and peace. The mind may feel calm and your physical body should feel relaxed. Uplift Energy is so relaxing that sometimes clients may fall asleep during the session. Don’t worry though, you will still receive all of the benefits of the session, sleeping or awake.

What does energy feel like?

At & around my hand placements, you may feel a very slight tingling, heat, or energy, or nothing at all. The sensations or lack of are not a barometer of the energy, they are just how your particular body senses energy. You may feel a peace and calm in your mind or physically in general. It is different for all clients but deep relaxation is almost always felt.

Is there talking during the session?

Usually a session is done without talking.  Music will be playing to aid in your journey towards healing. If you want to communicate something during the session, such as if you are cold or too warm, or if something feels uncomfortable for you, then do speak up at any time during the session. I want the best for you and want to make your session the best experience possible.

After I leave my session, should I do anything special?

Please drink plenty of water to hydrate your body as your body’s energy system may be moving at a more optimum rate. It is beneficial to spend some quiet time after your session to journal or to contemplate as you may have some insights and further mental clarity as your body continues to process the energy session.

Is one session enough or will I need a series of sessions?

One session is a great start! You will see for yourself how Uplift Energy makes you feel, if it is relaxing, if you feel more clarity after the session. Many people, after trying one session, schedule more sessions to progressively work on their current wellness goals.  The aim is to never be dependent on the session but rather you learn to do the work to provide your own healing.    

Anything else I should know?

Aromatherapy and stones or crystals accompany treatment as needed.  Please let me know during booking if you wish to decline or have scent sensitivities.  Since energy work focuses on healing from the inside out optional soul homework may be advised & is intended to help your wellness needs.   

On the fence about energy therapy? 

Watch these videos or read what a few clients have said.