I’m glad you’re here

Following my uncontainable love led me to Uplift Vibes, a form of blended energy work. In my ever evolving practice I help provide a path to healing by guiding energy fields towards harmony & balance.  Applying this practice to my own personal journey has transformed my world to a place of more presence, love, & healing. 

Rooted in faith I’m an advocate of community, simplicity, body movement, & all of the earth’s natural fascinating gifts.  I believe we all can uncover distinctive forms of healing by tuning into our chakras (seven main areas of energy in your body) & applying universal life force.  My heart trusts that energy work is on its path to be accepted & welcomed in mainstream population.  Unveiling practical ways to apply energy work to areas most important to our lives will create connection & healing for all, near & far. 

You’re here for reason & I’m so glad you are. I invite you to take a look around & hone in to what calls you. Ask questions & welcome in the life you know you deserve.  Thank you for joining me on this journey & I look forward to connecting with you.   

Peace & love~


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