13 Questions For Reflecting, Releasing, and Receiving.

These are my own end of year writing prompts.  I have written them out so that when they are read it’s as if you’re speaking to yourself.  I invite you to join me and write out your answers.  Whether it is all in one sitting or if it’s something you want to let smolder over the course of several days, this is a healthy way to honestly express yourself to yourself. 

If a question makes you uncomfortable, that’s okay, write anyways.  There is no right or wrong answer.  It’s an opportunity, a gift if you will, to prepare for the divine abundance of the new year.   

1. How am I, really? 

Be honest, remember I am not my feelings.    

2. What is draining my energy?

Is it my thought patterns, my behavior, my environment, people? 

3. What would make me happy right now? 

Go deep, shut my eyes, envision myself doing it, how does my body feel? How am I breathing, am I smiling, what does it smell like, who is around me, what are they doing? ENJOY it, then write it down so I can relive it.

4. What does self-care look like for me?

What habits am I currently doing or want to begin that helps ground me, feel peace, and find presence?

5. What are 5 traits I love about myself?

What makes me unique?     

6. What accomplishments this year am I proud of?

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.   

7. What has been a challenge this year?

For each challenge what was the lesson, tool, or gift that came from it?

8. Who were the most integral people in my life this year? 

How did these people support me, teach me, or help me grow?  Let them know how much I value them.

9. What do I want to shed or leave behind from this year

What have I let consume me too long?  What steps will I take to move forward?  What/who do I want to forgive?

10. What do I want to learn about?

Is it myself, others, community, a subject, a hobby?

11. What are 3 ways to push myself out of my comfort zone this coming year?

What have I been hesitating to move forward with?   

12. What will I call into the new year?

What do I truly want?  How does it feel?  Calling it in begins with feeling it, allowing myself to attract it

13. My 2022 word(s) will be?

Write down 10-20 words that describes the type of energy I want to call in for 2022.  Reflect on these words, then select 1 or 2.  This is my word(s) of the year. 

My wish for you is that you discover and connect with your gifts, that you have the courage to love and live, and that you invest in youself each day with grace and exploration.

Sending love today, and always.


Keep an eye on the MindBody App, I will soon be opening up more dates for the coming year! I’m taking a social media hiatus for the remainder of the year to dial in on 2022 intentions and to create Uplift Vibes content/workshops.  I will still be available through the Connect page.  Cheers my friends!

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