Uplift Vibes Update

Uplift Vibes Update:

Jackson County just released that I can start seeing clients Monday May 11th.  Your well-being is always my upmost priority.  As eager as I am to reunite with you please remember that while my practice is hands on & one on one, I also work in a warehouse around several people.  The protocols put in place there have been top notch yet I ask you to consider all factors before booking a session.

The amount of appreciation I have for your patience & support through this is immeasurable!  Many of you have reached out to share the practices you’ve been doing during this time or to simply check in to keep in touch.  It is evident we are much much more than a client/service relationship, we are a genuine community.  I appreciate you, I thank you.

“Do small things with great love” is one of my favorite quotes.  A small gift from me to you is that May – June 30th all sessions will be donation based.  Select the “Gratitude Winner” option & at the time of your session pay what you can, if at all.  If you already have a session scheduled please feel free to cancel & rebook under Gratitude.  There is absolutely no obligation to pay.  I feel like more than ever we need to support each other however we can, so let’s continue to listen to our hearts, stay healthy, & do small things with great love.

With uplifting vibes,



*I do not plan to wear a face mask however if it makes feel safer by us both doing so please let me know during booking & I will accommodate.

Grow Through It – 3 Practices

In a time when distance is prevalent connection & community is ever more vital.  As we navigate these unfamiliar ways of life I’m nudged to look at this experience through another lens.  To take a step back & ask how will I take part in this time given.  I write today to encourage, connect, & share a few practices that are helping me in hopes they will also find you well. Continue reading

Plant Your Light Workshop

I’m thrilled to announce that the first Uplift Community event is “Spring Equinox- Plant Your Light”.  Uplift Community are events or workshops that are for learning, growing, & uplifting in a community setting.

Spring Equinox is the time when light & dark, feminine & masculine, inner & outer are in balance.  It’s in this time we prep the soil to plant the seeds & manifest the next season of life. Continue reading

Winter Solstice

Saturday is winter solstice.

The darkest night of the year, an invitation to reflect on the lessons provided & appreciate the growth that partnered with the process. It’s time to gracefully release what no longer serves you. As the light returns to the days we invite the light of our hearts to also increase.  Continue reading

My Dance With Fear

Our recent Colorado adventures invited me to dance with fear on multiple occasions. This Tango is a constant in my life that I wish I could resolve once & for all. I long to be the fearless person who instinctively leaps at all the action filled escapades…. but I’m not.

Class 3+ white water rafting on the Shoshone & Colorado River. Conquered one of my fears & I loved it!

Continue reading

The Diet Escape

As you see this is no longer The Short Side of It.  It no longer holds “fit” recipes, the gallery of my competitions, nor the blog posts about prep nutrition.   7 months ago I officially stopped counting macros & gave two peaceful fingers to the entire diet culture.  Of all my milestones one of the few exact dates etched into my memory is the moment I knew I was done with what was controlling me.  Its grip was tight & strangling the freedom out of my life. Continue reading

Gympsy Living


Entrance to Christ’s Peace House Of Prayer. Spent 3 refreshing days here for Amie Vilt’s yoga retreat connecting with nature and our sankalpas.

Organic joy, rooted happiness, a healthy contentment.  This is where I am & who I am.  There’s a new found attraction & approach to life with a childlike curiosity.  I’ve just cracked the surface but I think this newfound place I’ve trekked upon is worthy of sharing. Continue reading


PhotoGrid_1450923392303A humbling discovery best sums up last year.  I dove into new areas of my faith, explored multiple fitness genres, overhauled what I knew about nutrition & strived to examine myself to the very core.  Each discovery was made outside of my comfort zone but it’s true what they say, that’s where all the good stuff happens.  Continue reading