3 Practices To Grow Through It

In a time when distance is prevalent connection & community is ever more vital.  As we navigate these unfamiliar ways of life I’m nudged to look at this experience through another lens.  To take a step back & ask how will I take part in this time given.  I write today to encourage, connect, & share a few practices that are helping me in hopes they will also find you well.

Create a 30 day experience.  The goal is to add dimension to my existing life.  If I carry on afterwards isn’t relevant, it’s about the lessons learned in the experience.  I’ve chosen to do something creative every day.  This supports my mental & physical health as well as allows me to release congested energy.  From this stemmed Uplift Vibes Podcast.  So far there’s a daily prayer & a guided journey mediation.  It’s not top notch, it was vulnerable, & it was a bit tricky to learn yet it pushed me outside of my comfort level.

If you participate in a 30 day experience please remember to approach it as something you get & want to do.  It’s okay if you miss 1 or 2 days.  It’s not deadline, it’s a guideline.  It’s only a failure when nothing is learned.

Support My Energy Field. As I wash my hands I release what no longer serves me.  When I dry my hands I bring back in my own energy & prep my hands for my purpose.  This gives me at least 30 seconds of being conscious & setting my intention to move forward. I have found this to be so easy & at the same time extremely effective.

R.A.I.N. Letting myself feel all of it.  Not letting shame, guilt, or any other fear based feeling steal the experience.

R  Recognize the feeling

A  Allow the feeling.  Stop the flight or fight.

I  Investigate what is causing the feeling.  Am I scared, why?  Do I not feel heard, why?  Am I projecting my emotions instead of seeing the situation for what it is?

N  Nurture the feelings.  Letting myself take the steps to move towards healing.  Do I need space?  Do I need a few breaths?  Sometimes the answer is knowing this is fear but moving forward & deciding that the feeling is coming along for the ride but isn’t allowed to dictate my movements. 

Since my hands on practice is on pause I’m spending this time to dive deeper into my spiritual practice.  I trust the author of my story & am allowing myself to enjoy the page I’m currently on.  Tell me, how are you managing?  What tips can you share?  We’re in this together, let’s uplift our vibes.   

With light & love

30 Day Experience Ideas: Write/journal × Try different body movements (YouTube/Pinterest) × Build a playlist × Learn a language × Read × Create a sacred space in your home × Dance in your living room × Intuitive draw × Design a list of places you want to visit × Form a spiritual practice × Meditate


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