Learning To Trust Your Messages, Part II

How has observing Ego and Spirit been going?  Did it cultivate peace or a panic?  If you missed Part I I invite you to read it before going forward. 

Let’s move into the next piece, Ego & Spirit’s partners Fear and Love.  When we receive a message we have the capability to project fear or connect to love.

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Learning To Trust Your Messages, Part I

Welcome to 2021.  Take a pause to reflect on 2020.  What lessons did you learn?  How are you choosing to apply what you learned into the present?  Every experience can be a tool towards our future, a love message from Spirit guiding us along, however it’s completely up to us on how we interpret it. 

Everyone is gifted with the natural ability to receive divine communication, however deciphering between ego and spirit or fear and love can appear blurry.  I write to share a few tools & experiences I’ve learned that help me translate my truth.  I hope this can help you see the messages you are given.  I envision you stepping into your knowing, taking a deep breath of gratitude as a smile sweeps across your face, you realize a divine offering was made just to you. 

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3 Practices To Grow Through It

In a time when distance is prevalent connection & community is ever more vital.  As we navigate these unfamiliar ways of life I’m nudged to look at this experience through another lens.  To take a step back & ask how will I take part in this time given.  I write today to encourage, connect, & share a few practices that are helping me in hopes they will also find you well. Continue reading

My Dance With Fear

Our recent Colorado adventures invited me to dance with fear on multiple occasions. This Tango is a constant in my life that I wish I could resolve once & for all. I long to be the fearless person who instinctively leaps at all the action filled escapades…. but I’m not.

Class 3+ white water rafting on the Shoshone & Colorado River. Conquered one of my fears & I loved it!

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The Diet Escape

As you see this is no longer The Short Side of It.  It no longer holds “fit” recipes, the gallery of my competitions, nor the blog posts about prep nutrition.   7 months ago I officially stopped counting macros & gave two peaceful fingers to the entire diet culture.  Of all my milestones one of the few exact dates etched into my memory is the moment I knew I was done with what was controlling me.  Its grip was tight & strangling the freedom out of my life. Continue reading