Where I’m Led

I call on Spirit daily to use me, to please teach me how thy will be done & for the courage to follow boldly where led. It feels mystical how much is provided when asked…

Yesterday morning on my way to serve a free breakfast to the neighbors of KCMO I drove along the quite mid-town streets still blanketed by the moonlight. As I finished my mentioned prayer I passed by the bus stop & I see a familiar face. It is a local man that plays uplifting music for those having breakfast. While I turned my car around to offer a ride I see him tighten the grip of his prized keyboard. As my window went down he recognized my bright hat knowing I was a friend going the same direction. Our short ride was filled with talks of music, clubs, & jam sessions. It was a privilege to get to know more about this man. A man who has had some rough goes in life. Who despite rough turns he’s dedicated to taking a series of bus routes every weekend to do what he loves & follow where he’s led. Boldly.
As guests moved about in the dining area I took some space to take in the morning. It was the last day to serve with my two dear friends who are retiring. A mix of emotions filled my heart thinking about my friends’ journey. Jim, I don’t know if you’ll see this but I’ve learned life lessons from you. How to be a true servant, have fun, love life, & how to respectfully treat tough conversations with the upmost respect & compassion. Just then the music grabbed me. The man from earlier is now joined by his flute playing singing partner. The soothing sounds of soulful blues powerfully executed across the room. It hits me. This circle of friends that’s evolved through serving is diverse, is beautiful. Resilient exteriors with genuine souls. This is a crowd I wouldn’t have gotten to know if I hadn’t followed where I was led. Where each of them were led.

“If the door isn’t meant for you the door will shut” word for word this was said in two different conversations yesterday. I know it wasn’t by coincidence. Right now it is wide open & I’m going through it. It’s blowing my mind. I don’t understand it all & I don’t feel like I need to. It feels exciting & like I’m on a discovery mission. Perhaps I see a grand purpose in too many of the small moments but that’s okay with me. Taking time to see it, hear it, be in it makes the path I’m on feel significant.

I now ask where & what is leading you? Are you up to follow boldly?

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