My Dance With Fear

Our recent Colorado adventures invited me to dance with fear on multiple occasions. This Tango is a constant in my life that I wish I could resolve once & for all. I long to be the fearless person who instinctively leaps at all the action filled escapades…. but I’m not.

Class 3+ white water rafting on the Shoshone & Colorado River. Conquered one of my fears & I loved it!

In truth I do some haphazard cursing while sloping into the overly cautious side. I usually do end up plunging forward but how or why? I credit it to 3 areas. If you are struggling to rise above your own hurdles perhaps explore these with me.

Meditation. It’s not a secret that I stand behind meditation & its vast list of benefits. Although I am a bit of a hybrid flower child who loves the idea of a dance circle, meditation is not in that genre. I repeat, it is not a hippie infused ritual. Rather it’s incredibly practical regardless of lifestyle or age. For me, it’s a way to make small gradual improvements on myself. It allows me to listen to my thoughts, see what’s leading them, & evaluate them logically. This does not mean I walk around fully present in a constant state of calm or that it’s an easy ride for me when fear sets in. Yet I’m able to recognize my thoughts & see where the root is. After giving myself a few breaths I usually conclude why I have the fear or feelings that I do. It’s a practice of

One of the highest points in RMNP

listening. Practice makes better, not perfect. It is a tool to create awareness not to escape or override feelings. There’s endless valuable growth in listening & adhering to your true whole-hearted self.

Your tribe. I believe being an independent individual is the groundwork for being solid in who you are. Here’s the thing, I also believe love yourself while others love you too. It’s a two-way street. Allow genuine people in to support you through the tough & joyous phases of life. Allow yourself to be in it with them through their phases too. Not in an attachment, take ownership, controlling, want to fix it type, that’s not helpful nor healthy for anybody. This type of in is a form of connection. Where you hold space for each other to be as you are, lovingly listen & wisely offer nudging to push through when it’s most needed. Do you know who’s in your tribe?

Morning of our most challenging hikes in Leadville

Have you thanked them recently & are you supporting them as well? That type of connection & loyalty is a gift to be cherished. And here’s a hard truth, contrary to belief it’s not rare. These types of authentic people are everywhere. I think there’s a lot of truth in the saying your vibe attracts your tribe.

Power of faith. This is my anchor. Trusting that there is a divine intervention on our behalf always at work. It’s a grand unconditional love & power that is unfathomable. To think I know the answers & what’s always best seems ludicrous. I believe sometimes we just

have to leap & trust to experience the fullness life offers. For me that’s God/Holy Spirit, this isn’t a solicitation to get you on the Jesus train. It’s me staying true to myself while asking you to lean into what you feel is the higher larger power however that looks for you.

Closing this sharing with thanks. Thank you to you, both my close & expansive tribe, you in your many ways push me to be better & words can’t express how grateful I am. Your support & wisdom is gold. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, for always loving me as I am, leading me in this incredible life, & helping me listen over the noise.

What do you think of these 3 or how do you push through? I love learning & hearing different thoughts so please do share.

As always it brings me joy to connect & support you through your journey whether that be through friendship or an Uplift Energy session.

Best wishes my friends

2 thoughts on “My Dance With Fear

  1. I loved it. Do you remember those time on nights when you, me and Bessie Graves when to break together. For some reason I think of that, and I think how proud Bessie would be of “Our Girl”. Keep growing, writing and being you. You are a fantastic person!

    • Man, that got me in the feels. You two were my rocks during some rough patches. Thank you so much for allowing me to be “your girl”. All the love to you. Bessie, we know you’re looking down on us smiling with a coffee in hand.

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