Learning To Trust Your Messages, Part III

Are messages channeling in or is it a little stagnate in noticing them?  Please do not consider this a pass/fail but a way of creating a practice that invites peace over perfection

In the past I tried shaming, guilting, and forcing myself into habits to “better” myself, to only end up feeling broken or defeated.  Asking why can’t I just get it together and do “X”.  What changed?  I challenged myself to delve deep and lean into limiting beliefs.  It was there I discovered the missing link.  I was not failing, I simply was not in true union with who I am, what I wanted, or why I wanted it.

Now through practice I know I can be effective if I ask myself (constantly) if am I doing this to be compliant or content?

So as I share please consider this mind, body, and spirit offering as a guide to be content.  If you don’t give yourself space to relate to the why and I mean why you’re wanting and doing the things it will be a passing gesture.  You deserve a practice with permanence.  This is an invitation to blend & explore what sparks your spirit because ultimately that is the light house leading you to connection.

BODY. When we nurture our body we support our soul.  This naturally helps ground us and aids in balancing our chakras.  Movement is about doing so with gratitude.  When we are in this heart space we expand ourselves to receive more to be grateful for.  Acting with appreciation lets us break up and release congested energy.  With less congestion we open our channels to receive. There’s also equal magic in resting, it’s a chance to be restored by the stillness.  

Reflect on when you move & rest, does it feel nourishing?  There is no one answer or one type of activity, rest, or nutrition that’s the direct link to the divine.  The more you listen to your soul the more it will tell you what it needs.  Seek a gentle and physical combination that nurtures you & creates joy.  If you are physically unable to move your body you can visualize it.  There are countless studies of how envisioning yourself doing an activity & feeling the adjoining emotions creates astounding benefits.  Let us not underestimate the power of our magnificent mind.       

MIND. If you are like me, I can always use assistance uncovering what’s going on inside?  If we ask questions with the aim to learn, not judge, we welcome ways to grow instead of repeating experiences.  Currently on the home screen of my phone I have a note with different questions to cue growth.  This prompts me to consciously pause, investigate, and respond.  When I get honest with myself to reveal the answers to the questions I expose a truth about myself or the situation to learn from. 

Let’s talk meditation. It helps me practice not perfect being aware.  It’s the single most profound piece that started my on-going transformation.  Meditation lets us participate with our thoughts.  If you believe you can’t, you won’t because ultimately our thoughts become our experience.  So why not try and believe you can.  

SPIRIT. When we meet others, life, and ourselves with love it strengthens our spirituality.  It’s a love that is for the good of all, the earth, mankind, ourselves.  We don’t try to fix it, hide it, or rule a verdict.  Imagine one hour of your life meeting everything you encounter with that kind of love.  What does that stir in you?  We don’t have to agree or be in a relationship to apply love.  But know that resentment and control constrict our connection. Stop carrying what weighs you down, surrender.  Instead let love carry out through you. It’s time to stop suppressing and start supporting Spirit’s love.

When I write it’s a process of releasing what’s on my heart, mind, and soul.  Admittedly when I first started to write this I let myself fall into a compliant state “I said I would write this so I need to do it”.  Because of my practices I was able to recognize what I was doing.  So I stopped, I reflected, I started over.  I wrote with freedom letting myself pause and start again a few days later.  I share because I love to be of service & share what’s helped me but I want you to know that I too am always practicing and learning.  It’s what we decide to offer ourselves when we recognize where we are, I chose to meet myself with love.

With divine love,


If you missed Part I or Part II

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4 thoughts on “Learning To Trust Your Messages, Part III

  1. Wow! This is so inspiring and helpful. I really needed this. Thank you. You absolutely amaze me with your spirit and words. ❤

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