The Diet Escape

As you see this is no longer The Short Side of It.  It no longer holds “fit” recipes, the gallery of my competitions, nor the blog posts about prep nutrition.   7 months ago I officially stopped counting macros & gave two peaceful fingers to the entire diet culture.  Of all my milestones one of the few exact dates etched into my memory is the moment I knew I was done with what was controlling me.  Its grip was tight & strangling the freedom out of my life.

I’ve believed with conviction for many years that I was a part of the anti-diet movement.  I had a plan diet towards growth control.  It wasn’t always to lose weight but it was always about controlling & tracking body size, strength, & ugh honestly, my life. It was an illusion I was no longer willing to be deceived by. 

I’m learning to live & move more intuitively each day.  Taking note of what my body actually wants & giving it just that.  For me I’ve found more organic nutrition, less alcohol, daily meditation, being outside, & yes weight lifting, I still love iron.  I have zero idea of how much food I take in each day.  Nothing is off limits.  Life is manifesting into more presence & fulfillment.  I literally feel my physical, mental, & spiritual health mending itself.

I share knowing I’m not the only one that as an adult acquired eating disorders &/or control obsessions.  I felt trapped.  It was & still is at times a tough transition.  I don’t want others to go down the rabbit hole I lived in.  If you are there & you truthfully don’t enjoy it then it’s time consider a new way.  You are so much more than numbers.

Our society continues to endorse a culture that speaks freely about the lack of self-worth based off of the food you consume.  You can fill your life with rules taunting you to break them inducing shameful failure or you can take a new approach.  Be a part of the positive voice.  Take care of yourself however your body requests.  This is your life to do your way.  

Lastly, to all my friends that are training/dieting for specific athletic events. I will continue to loudly & authentically cheer you on even though I no longer share that space with you.  Also I must note that in no way were my habits the fault of any of my coaches.  The truth is if you were like me & needed a program diet for everyday life there is more going on internally that needs to be addressed. If you need a friend by your side while you navigate your own ways I offer my support.  Together lets change the culture of our self-worth & uplift our vibes.      

Wishing you love & peace ~     

Want to know more about how I dropped the diet mentality? I stumbled across cori_fit’s IG account.  As a former competitor she was saying everything that was in my head.  Her transparency led me to the book Intuitive EatingThe book helped to open my eyes to be honest with myself.  If a portion of your world is consumed of yo yo dieting, tallying daily points, tracking macros, or being the “healthy” eater this book lays it out with logic & grace.   Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or simply want to talk.  ♥

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