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Entrance to Christ’s Peace House Of Prayer. Spent 3 refreshing days here for Amie Vilt’s yoga retreat connecting with nature and our sankalpas.

Organic joy, rooted happiness, a healthy contentment.  This is where I am & who I am.  There’s a new found attraction & approach to life with a childlike curiosity.  I’ve just cracked the surface but I think this newfound place I’ve trekked upon is worthy of sharing.

These fresh practices to my routine are the complete opposite of new.  In fact they are thousands & thousands of years old.  Natural holistic practices, healing, & energy.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Essential oil remedies
  • Crystal, mineral, & universal energies

It’s clearly taken some time to get here.  My ego made me a skeptic.  It’s wild what we withhold ourselves from when we aren’t open to listen, learn, & explore.

Why & how did this all come about for me?  The short side of it, I knew I was missing something.  The good moments always seem briefly lived.  Either in the past or in the future.  A constant series of thoughts & goals always focusing to the next thing.  Never.  Ever.  Present.  Happy, absolutely.  Content, no.  Present, no.  True to the saying “nothing changes if nothing changes”.  It was time to shake it up.  Next a chain reaction happened…faith, wonderful amazing people, & invitations to events that all led me right smack here.

I still aggressively & methodically lift weights & track my macros but now with the accompaniment of these beauties.  I am both connected to nature, simplified, dare I say hippie like, & still go hard AF in the gym.  It’s awesome to feel like this.

While I inquire into one subject it leads to another that leads to another.  I’m craving to learn all of it, try it, mix & match to see what fits for me.  Perhaps future posts will reveal more about each topic.  Perhaps not.  I’ll just see where I am at that moment, contently.  Peacefully.  Happily.

As an ambitious novice please feel free to enlighten me with your knowledge be it on here or in person.  If this sounds crazy, wonderful! I hope it still intrigues you enough to explore alternative outlets. You have zero to lose & everything to gain.

Love & Peace

One of our meditation spots during the retreat.

Love these local yoga instructors: Amie Rader & Way Of Life Yoga

The book 10% Happier by Dan Harris that hooked me into meditation.   Also his website: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics

My Natural Remedies Pinterest board.

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