Motivate Me-

I’m nearly 5 weeks out from competing & I’m still going heart strong.  Typically at this point I tend to ware down however to quote my lovely momma “I’d rather ware out than rust out”.  So when those moments strike I’m armed with an arsenal of motivation sources.  I pull from pictures, apps, music, literature & often the person that seems to have perfectly crossed my path.

Perhaps I see a little deeper into everyday situations regardless I can’t deny the energy that ignites in me.  Earlier this week while on the treadmill conversing to myself on what to do next watching my pace plummet I look over to see a woman pull into a handicap spot.  As she walks to the health store I observe she has leg braces & is using crutches to steady herself.  The moment slapped me reminding me of my 2 healthy legs & sparked a fire to fuel a no mercy finale.

I’ve noticed when I become engaged in my environment motivation truly surrounds me.  The co-worker who overcame hard times & is drastically transforming; The gym goer who lost her husband spinning to better days; The dear friend who is a working mom training for a ½ marathon; The local “Running Nerds” who finish not one but several Ultramarathons; The pro & amateur physique competitors hustling to break perceived self-limits.  These motivational moments are everywhere I seem to look.

I’m really enjoying this…  As I’ve said before I hope by sharing my experience people will feel encouraged to improve their quality of life however it’s fascinating how it is improving the quality of my life.  In the few weeks this blog started several of you in have shared your goals, perspectives & accomplishments; Making this a tremendous experience, thank you & believe me it is motivating.


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