What I Can Control.

To enjoy good health, true happiness & bring peace, one must first control one’s own mind.  If a man can control his mind he can find the way to enlightenment & virtue will naturally come to him. –Buddha

I exceedingly focus in on this quote & strive to apply it often.  I’m unable to count the endless times I’ve pep talked myself “Get your mind right.  Hand it over & take control of what I can”.  Please do not let this be confused with not being accountable for our actions, stay loyal to the goal.  This is a humble reminder that there will be moments lurking around the corner that will challenge us & we can choose how we handle it.

As we make every effort to meet our objective life in general may seek to blindside your mindset.  We cannot control every outcome of the body, family/friends & work.  When these times arise turn to likeminded people to help you refocus yet also practice the ability to recognize it’s out of your control & realign your mind back to the goal.  Take whatever necessary steps it takes to remind you why you set this goal & let your spirit reconnect to the root of it.

The stress of trying to control every aspect will fatigue you further & will tempt you towards negative reactions.  Where will you let the control come in?  Will you allow moments to be an obstacle or an opportunity?

Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion

1 thought on “What I Can Control.

  1. Words so truly spoken! This blog is so awesome for you and beneficial to anyone that has the great opportunity to read it… ALL of it!

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