A Nearly Missed Message

Tonight’s usual routine of me moving nonstop to get my “to do” list done wasn’t any different except…

As I moved from task to task our dogs let me know someone unfamiliar was on the street.  As I glanced out the window I saw it was a door to door salesman.  I decided I’d pretend I wasn’t home & go about my evening because I’ve got so much to do plus I don’t really care what he has to offer yet for some reason I went to the door to greet him.

He began his pitch then suddenly stopped.  He stopped to say thank you.  Thank you for coming outside to listen & how much he appreciated it.  The man was shaken from repeated rejection but mostly from being treated like a burden.  As he shared how he’d been getting treated I could feel his vulnerability & countered it with some encouragement.

When I headed back in I realized how quickly & easily we can disregard others especially strangers.  I lean on my faith to guide me & present lessons to become a better person.  I feel tonight’s lesson was to remind me to always greet other’s with kindness & be more surrendering of my time.  Because tonight a few minutes turned into a message to keep my heart open.

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