Let It Go

Holding on to the past, that’s where I was up until a few weeks ago.  After surgery I found myself on a constant hunt to find the pre-surgery me. I had settled into a daily ritual of comparing everything from where I was beforehand to the present.  In every aspect from body to mind I felt behind.

It finally came to light when I put a competition progress picture together.  It was that simple moment of seeing a picture that sent a “What am I doing?  I don’t want to go backwards” thought racing through my mind.  The obvious had been hidden from all the self-comparisons I was inflicting. I don’t want to be the pre-surgery me.  I want to be better.

The Picture

Granted I think it’s instrumental to remind myself of where I’ve come from but not to allow the past to set my parameters for today.  Breaking the habit has been refreshing.  To know I’m confronting a new set of challenges has me anticipating the future & I am excited about it.

I’ve said time & time again on posts that I actually have a hard time sharing my experiences.  As more eyes see this blog I know I’m revealing more than I am comfortable with however I also know I’m not the only one that has let the past become a standard.  Whether you’re holding onto pre-surgery, pre-pregnancy, something from 10 years ago or yesterday, if you can, let it go.  It’s time to be better than ever before.




5 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. Until reading this I never realized that picking a goal from the past and working towards it was in reality working backwards and a counter productive mind set. We should all take from this and aspire for new and BETTER goals for ourselves. Great post!

  2. It is so funny you posted this! I was just thinking to myself today that with this last pregnancy, I am not feeling the loss of my pre-pregnancy body. This time I feel appreciation for all that it has been through and all that it will go through. There really is not the shame that I felt after the last two pregnancies. This time I look forward to setting my goals and accomplishing them, however small or large they may be. And also understand it is unfair to compare myself to what I was 6 years ago and that I need to be proud of where I am now and where I will be. I love this post and the way you look at the world!

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