Post Comp Blues

It’s been 10 weeks since I competed…  Where’s the post comp blues?

(Deep breath) I am going to share.  Most women & men competitors have been vulnerable to the haunting monster “post comp blues”.  What is it?  To put it bluntly after the dust settles of competing you’re side swiped with sudden amnesia to any health/fitness knowledge you once had & you seem to no longer know how to control your own body.   As the physique’s deep lines fade the mind fills with negativity.  It’s a gritty rough place.

I went through the murky waves after my 1st comp & thought I had washed my hands of it.  Then after my 2nd competition I had to dig deep & question if this was a sport I can handle the aftermath.  I went through a period where I would eat food I hadn’t eaten in years, food that I didn’t want, food that made me feel terrible.  I was overwhelmed in the grocery store & at restaurants.  The only place I felt confident was in the gym, until I’d catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I knew it wasn’t healthy or realistic to stay shredded however I was shocked every time the reflection looked back at me.  And to think of the exhaustion I put on my husband…The man deserves a medal.  My body fat had exceeded a healthy “off season” for competitors.  It’s uncomfortable to share yet it’s my truth.  I’m the gal that loves life & has a daily objective of spreading cheer still somehow I was spiraling further away from the very passion that creates so much love, a healthy mind/body.

So how did I overcome it & where is this burley beast nowadays?  I began with admitting that I had inflicted this self-pollution therefore I can & did commit to amend it. I realized I don’t want to be average, average makes me cringe.  I can only be me to the fullest by taking care of myself.  Secondly, this will sound sappy but I feel it was imperative, I vowed to remember the beauty inside me will always outshine a physique.  Believing this 100% created a template to finally move forward.  Next, I reached out for help.  With the honesty & knowledge of my trainer, Fred Rowlett, he helped reel me back.  Lastly I set a plan in motion.  The plan: to engage different practices that will allow me to nurture positive growth.  This means I am continually asking questions & researching to educate myself.  I’m dabbling with different recipes & undertaking different training styles.  I’m staying in tune with my body by eating nutritious foods (with the entitled bonus meals) & keeping tabs on those who inspire me.

The competing season has come to an end & recently I have been contacted about being “lost”.  My stomach instantly dropped & I felt the only way I can be of help is to share my experience.  For those trying to find your balance you are not alone, you are not crazy & you can get control again.  I’ve come to the conclusion most competitors are very routine oriented people.  Routine doesn’t have to mean bad or boring.  Create a routine that ties you back to your passion & set the mind to embrace this period as a time to expand into your upcoming amazing self.  In closing please don’t be ashamed of how you feel because there’s an opportunity of strength waiting for you.

As always, best wishes.


2 thoughts on “Post Comp Blues

    • Lady you amaze me. You’re a beautiful athlete, classy & a great competitor/friend/wife/mom. We all roller coaster through self doubt but in the end we get to find out what we’re made of, a reward in itself. Thank you for the support & know I’m always cheering for you.

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