I see healthy as the size of your life not the size of your pants. There is an opportunity to explore life as a gift everywhere. If you’re unable to do the things you want because your body won’t keep up due to choices you’ve been making then what will it take to persuade you? No words can be expressed with magical force without a true desire to push towards your own happiness. The days will slip away & in a blink those wishes will become regrets. There is another option, let your effort turn those wishes into memories.

When you lay at night what is it that you’re happy with? When you wake what thoughts stir up excitement? I challenge you each day to aspire towards what will make your life feel good. A daily ritual for myself, twice a day I make a mental note of a good moment & what I WILL get accomplished that day along with these self-principles…

• Be the best version of myself
• Live simple
• Work smart
• Speak kindly
• Respect my passion

The size of my life is XXL. What size are you living?

stina picsblog 018

5 thoughts on “Supersized

  1. Yep, this is a great perspective. Being fit is SO much more than how you look, and you’ve really laid this out well. I just wish there was a way for people to get that “fire inside” feeling beforehand, so they know what they can look forward to. Once you get it, you can never go back! Maybe we can find a way to whip up some samples! 🙂

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