Injuries. To Train or Not To Train.

This morning I met with a group of ladies to embark on a monthly ritual of stadiums known as the “Sunday Stairdown”. Mother Nature decided to add a little zest to our morning by dumping a steady chilled rain. The setting as always was energizing, wet but an extraordinary feeling none the less. What was not extraordinary was a lagging injury that dares to stop me. A dare I’m learning to not take.

I’m guilty of treating an injury to the point it feels manageable then revving it up to full throttle in a quick shift. My mind frame; I feel pretty good, I don’t want to hold back, I’ve got goals to hit, no excuses, I’ll be fine. Then I aggravate it again & again & again. Not smart or healthy.

This weekend I vowed to stop this stubborn cycle, it’s not getting me anywhere. It’s time to listen & provide my body with what it’s asking for. A process far more difficult than it sounds. If you’re dealing with an injury & you’re avid about your predetermined routine you identify with this struggle.

So today I walked the stairs. Today’s lesson: Everyday wont’ be perfect but it will have a purpose. I still got to engage with great company, focused on training smart for my body, I didn’t hinder any goals set & practiced training my mind to focus on what I can do. Reminding myself how fortunate I am because of what my body still can accomplish.

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