Comfort In the Shadows

I find I still hold back. I’m confident in my abilities & proud of what I’ve accomplished yet I hug the shadows. It’s time for me to step out a little further. I have a lofty goal in mind & the only way it’s going to be obtained is by working for it & practicing what I believe, getting uncomfortable. My struggle, I’m not a “look at me” individual. I honestly appreciate those personality types it’s just that I enjoy being a part of the background, keeping a low profile while cheering for others. So why do I compete & blog, a sport where I step on stage with an auditorium full of people or a public site to share my thoughts & pictures. Because of the indescribable sensation that accompanies being healthy.

Everyone can feel this good. I have a divine romance with living this lifestyle that only intensifies as I move forward. The girl with low confidence & who always felt sluggish is in the past, a past I don’t want to revisit. I dedicated myself to change. The goal was to feel better, I conquered it, no, slaughtered it. What began with cleaning up my nutrition & walking, turned into a walk/jog & resistance bands next I ran several 5Ks escalating into duathlons. In 2011 I started competing as a figure athlete in the NANBF, a federation that I’m proud to be a part of. Five years ago I would have never imagined any of this possible.

As mentioned in previous posts I believe with all my heart that when you feel good it trickles into your environment. The further I step away from the shadows & allow my actions to be seen the more I hope those around me will peruse the brilliance inside them. A quote tattooed to my mindset, applying it to all facets of my life- “We must be the change we want to see in the world” Gandhi. I want to see a happy & health conscious environment… move over shadow.

8 thoughts on “Comfort In the Shadows

  1. I love this post. I’m just starting to train for my first ever fitness competition and I’m really daunted, but also determined. It’s so awesome that you’ve been able to step out of the shadows and step in front of the crowd. It’s definitely inspiring to me and just what I needed to read!

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