It’s been an interesting few weeks. I struggle to sit long enough to relay the bundle of thoughts circulating in my head. With my mind in constant swirl of discoveries it’s been challenging to focus yet the distractions are inviting. One of these random thoughts I am pursuing is creating a community of healthy sharing, support & growth.

Through listening to other’s goals, seeing their unwavering dedication & reciprocating with support I’ve found complete gratification. Success, I love to see people get theirs. Which in turn had me inquiring what makes someone give up, quit, walk away from a goal?

Then over lunch with a fellow health enthusiast (and dear friend, Jamie) we sat rattling reasons why we love this lifestyle & why we’ve been able to maintain, enjoyably. The light bulb went off; my mantra to everything is “keep it simple”. So of course this is the very plan that drives us.

• Simplify the goal. Strive to be better than the previous day. Take one day at a time.
• Realize it’s the victories along the way that will allow you to accomplish the bigger goals. Know in due time you can & will get yours but own what you have already achieved.
• Make the time. Waiting on a perfect schedule or person to take you by the hand is not going to cut it. If you want it, you do it. No excuses.

Usually I’m oblivious to conversations around me, I get in a zone & there’s no getting in. Therefore as I sit in this coffee house writing I overhear a man telling his mentoree the following. I found it resonating…

“When you finish eating a big meal you express how full you are. Then the deliciously looking chocolate pie comes out. You go to have a slice. Someone says aren’t you full? Yeah, but I’ll make room for it.”

Moral, when you want it you always find room for it. So in reality I guess the simplest question is. How bad do you want it?

Picture by Joey Lyday

Picture by Joey Lyday

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