We’ve All Been Newbies

I have my views on NYE resolutions. None the less new gym members will be arriving in the masses come January. I’ve seen some light hearted pokes made at the soon to come newbies & it doesn’t settle well with me.

It’s not the date you start that matters but the decision to start.

Yes, the gyms will be stuffed, the running trails will be clogged & you’ll have to maneuver around crowds in the produce aisles. Step back, let it soak in. It can be an amazing site if you let it. Somewhere these people have decided they want more & took the first step. Remember that feeling of getting started? I think many beginners feel overwhelmed, they assume the person next to them has it figured out. Ha, we know we’re still searching & learning to maximize our experience in life. We also appreciate that a finish line does not exist but instead a path to keep pushing & damn does it feels good. Why not reveal that feeling?

What if instead of criticizing each other’s journey we celebrate our destination that we will achieve. My pursuit of spreading the empowerment of personal wealth begins with me & you. Together lets be patient & encourage the novice. It’s a great opportunity to be reminded why we got started. Perhaps take a few seconds to acknowledge their progress you see coming to surface. It could be just the boost to help get past the resolutioner’s February fade out.


Wishing you all a safe & happy new year!

1 thought on “We’ve All Been Newbies

  1. I’m in complete agreement. I know first hand how intimidating it can be to work out next to somebody who is superfit and comfortable in the gym. Encouragement for the new transformees comes so easily – just SMILE. It will do wonders for them (and for you)!

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