PhotoGrid_1450923392303A humbling discovery best sums up last year.  I dove into new areas of my faith, explored multiple fitness genres, overhauled what I knew about nutrition & strived to examine myself to the very core.  Each discovery was made outside of my comfort zone but it’s true what they say, that’s where all the good stuff happens.  Continue reading

Going For The Title

Today is a milestone. Today I will walk through the doors of my favorite gym & register for my 4th competition. Exactly a year ago to the date I was walking through hospital doors. I’ve debated with myself on what to share & how to share. The thing is the events of the last year challenged me to grow mentally, physically, spiritually & allowed me to embrace my atmosphere with a heightened passion. So here it goes… Continue reading

The Value & Belief

With it being the start of a new week I thought I’d share a way I stay committed to my goals, short term & lifelong. Continue reading

This is my journey & I welcome you to join me.

I am blessed with an amazing support system that always enables me to achieve my dreams.   My dream doesn’t include fame or money instead I long for the feeling of accomplishment; the desire to achieve what some feel is over the top.  I’m also the girl that wants to save the world from its pain & hurt.  Therefore I’ve decided to go about this the only logical way my heart steers me…blogging.  My theory is when you feel good it carries over into your environment & if one person reading this is influenced to create or sustain a healthy habit then my heart has steered me correctly, as it always does.

If you know me well you’re already familiar with my personality.  I spend much time wearing rose colored glasses, I’m genuinely happy to my very soul.  I’m part gym rat part coffee drinking hippie & I appreciate challenges that test my discipline & keep me true to my character.

Besides testing the waters of blogging I am enjoying my voyage as a natural figure competitor.  I tend to lean towards the private side as to limit what I reveal to others.  However I feel it’s time for another nudge out of my comfort level…